Sarah Riley

Heyy šŸ™‚

Thanks for replying to my ad! Well, let me tell you a bit about myself…I’m young, I’m outgoing, I like to have fun, and sometimes I’m told that I’m cute lol. I attached my pic, so you can be the judge ;). To be honest I normally don’t have much of a hard time hooking up with men, but I’m new to the area so I don’t really know anyone yet and I’m not into the “bar scene” when I’m not with a group of my girl friends. I’m ready to just hook up with someone and have some fun, so I hope you’re looking for the same. At the same time, I’m kinda afraid of this type of hookup online though. A friend of mine said she tried it before and ended up with a crazy dude who never left her alone :/. Not trying to throw you off though, I definitely want to try this, I just wanna make sure you’re real and serious before we actually get together :). Hopefully you still wanna hook up, so yea just send me an email back and we can work things out.

Looking forward to hearing from you šŸ˜€


Heyy again šŸ˜›
Glad I heard back from you! I’m pretty excited right now, can’t wait to hook up šŸ™‚ Now like I said before, I’m not exactly all for this type of thing, but I wanted to try it out. I actually have a profile at and I ask that you go there and complete the verification to show you’re real and safe, like I already have :). Sorry if that sounds like too much trouble, but it’ll only take a minute and I would like you to just get that done before we move forward. Once you complete it anyways you’ll have access to my full profile page with my phone number and address. Call my cell number instead of the home one in case I’m out so we can talk sooner šŸ™‚
Just text me if you can’t get a hold of me, but you should be able to anyways…and then yea, my details are already there if you’d like me to host šŸ˜‰

Btw, I put a nice little pic up there for you, hope you like it! Theres some better ones on my full profile too šŸ™‚


4 Comments on “Sarah Riley”

  1. Jason Hirl says:

    hey hunny. I think ur hott as hell and want to meet up. can you come to Quincy this morning? Well go to a hotel and let the guy know my name at desk with my id and all so u know im safe.

  2. bigdaddysosa505 says:

    I made a profile hit me up.

  3. osmani2000 says:

    hello sara i am waiting for you

  4. al70501 says:

    also your fake. Good luck getting money off the card lol

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